Jacob Faber, Julia Cumming, Nick Kivlen

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By Trevor Morrison Young, NYC-based band Sunflower Bean have a lot to brag about. For one, theyre all either going to high school at this moment or they just graduated high school, were deemed the hardest-working band of 2014 by OhMyRockness.com, their bass player, Julia Cumming, is a model for Saint Laurent, and their EP release party back at the beginning of February was absolutely packed. This is only after having four or so songs in digital existence. Id say thats building a good reputation.

Now, we have a full EP from the band. The good news: its fantastic. The bad news: theres only two new songs on it: Somebody Call A Doctor and OK Mr. Man. The other four songs have been put out on 7s that the band has put on their bandcamp page. So in a way, this is the setup to be a letdown. On the contrary, its actually a conveniently packaged collection of the previous songs, put together with two new, absolutely stellar songs.

Sunflower Beans style is that of a thick psychedelia mixed with touches of jangly post punk/new wave, complete with warping, billowing guitar textures that make pedal nerds drool a little bit and all the reverbed vocals that you could ask for. Cumming and guitar player Nick Kivlen trade off on vocals, which makes for a nice dynamic that adds well to the foggy trip thats laid down through the instrumentals. They hold an air of retro psychedelic and jangle rock, because thats unavoidable, but its clear that this is rooted in modern psych rock tropes..

Jacob Faber

Julia Cumming

Nick Kivlen
New Release

Human Ceremony comes out February 5th 2016.

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